Connor Taylor - FCA


Game Summary

The Shepherds took home another win behind an excellent pitching performance vs. the So Cal Sparrows. Both teams struggled to get on the board early in the game because of great pitching from both squads. The Shepherds continuously found themselves in scoring position but struggled to score any runs in the beginning stages of the game. Gabe Huante broke the seal by scoring the first run of the game in the bottom of the 3rd inning. The Shepherds eventually found themselves trailing after the 5th inning 2-1. Finally, Chad Ragland scored the go-ahead run off of a throwing error by the catcher during the bottom of the 6th leaving the Shepherds with the win, 3-2. 

Moments that mattered

First off, Roy Washburn shined throughout the whole game while only letting up 4 hits. Washburn threw six innings and only allowed two runs. Washburn's most significant moment came when a ball flew right into his shoulder, and he continued to scoop up the ball getting the out at first. 

Next up, Austin Caulk made a diving catch in the top of the ninth with a runner on first and one out. The play resulted in a clutch double play by Caulk to end the game and secure the Shepherds second win of the season. 

Next Game

The next game for the Shepherds will be on June 5th at Biola University vs the Redbirds. The game will be streamed on Facebook Live through the FCA So Cal Baseball page.